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Free Access to ACORD Forms (PDF only)
Through a cooperative effort between MAIA and ACORD, we're pleased to make the PDF versions of ACORD forms available to you. Click Here

IIABA Resources
Agents Council For Technology Website

Become Part of the All Industry Real-Time/Download Campaign. Specific Carrier/Vendor Real-Time & Download Information at

Web Site Creation

Build Your Own Website Services

Great Lakes Automation Day

MAIA's Great Lakes Automation Day (GLAD) is one of the longest running state agent technology events in the nation. The conference brings agents, company reps, user groups and exhibitors together for one day each year to learn the latest in agency technology and workflow improvement. GLAD is held back-to-back with MAIA's state convention in February.

A Powerful Member-Only Digital Marketing Program

This week, nearly 75 percent of personal insurance consumers will begin their search for new coverage online. Will they find you? The insurance marketing experts at Project CAP can help ensure they will. In fact, they guarantee it. From new agency marketing programs to a new national consumer website, Project CAP is leading the charge to provide IIABA/MAIA agents with everything you need to attract and interact with today's digital consumer. Sign up today and start growing tomorrow.

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