Reinforce your role as a trusted advisor to your clients using OSHAlogs.

This powerful yet intuitively simple web-based platform allows your clients to:

  • Create accident reports
  • Track injuries easily
  • Generate OSHA 300, 300A & 301
  • Transfer OSHA data to state work comp forms
  • Instant metrics: DART, Incident, Severity & Lost Time Case Rate

Benefits to you:

  • No downloads required
  • You get notified when a client adds an injury
  • See all client’s data in real time

As an Big "I" Michigan member you get:

  • First month free
  • $999 set up fee waived
  • Access to the Certified Injury Recordkeeping Specialist program at no additional cost to the agency
  • Agency branded webinar to educate your clients on OSHA recordkeeping and the software


 View our Intro Video

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