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Complimentary Cyber Security Assessment for your Agency

Our free cyber risk assessment through Coalition helps you discover critical vulnerabilities before a hacker does and evaluates your business from the perspective of a hacker. Coalition’s proprietary scanning technology looks across the Internet for open ports, security flaws, exposed data and passwords, and vulnerabilities that a hacker might exploit. Then, we provide you with a practical, actionable list of recommendations to improve your security and reduce your risk.

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Free SBAM Membership

Your membership in Big I Michigan automatically gets you for a free membership with the Small Business Association of Michigan (SBAM) - no action required on your part.

Please direct any questions you have to Membership Director Joe Sommerdyke, (517) 327-8042



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Premco Premium Financing

Super Platinum Partner Premco offers members the most automated and comprehensive premium financing services available. Their programs are designed to meet each specific agent's requirements, complete turn-key services, profit sharing programs (where permitted by law) and in-house services and support.

Visit Premco online or call them at (269) 375-3936.



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ePayPolicy provides a simple, cost effective way for agencies to process online payments while passing on transaction fees to the insured. Start accepting credit cards and e-Checks today through your very own online, company-branded, payment portal. Includes:

  • One low monthly price - $20 per month, no sign-up fee and cancel at anytime
  • Quick sign-up with no contract and no hidden fees - Start accepting payments within 24 hours

Big I Michigan members: Reference referral code michagentmember to receive your members-only discount.

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E&O Risk Management Resources

The Big “I" Professional Liability risk management website allows members to tap into a variety of educational materials to help reduce the possibility of experiencing an E&O claim in your agency, including:

  • Checklists, sample letters and procedure manuals
  • Virtual and in-person best practices classes

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Legal Consult

Free Legal Consult

Have a question or issue you'd like to run by an attorney? Your Big I Michigan membership comes with one free legal consult annually.

Contact Membership Director Joe Sommerdyke, (517) 327-8042 for more information.



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Big 'I' Business Resources

Take advantage of member discounts on resources provided through our national association (the Big "I"), like Docusign, Rough Notes, UPS shipping, and more ...

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