RLI Personal Umbrella


RLI Personal Umbrella

If your clients have their auto and homeowners insurance coverage with different carriers they’re probably good candidates for RLI’s stand-alone personal umbrella.

RLI’s PUP stands atop your existing homeowner and auto insurance to provide an extra layer of personal liability protection. With RLI’s PUP program, clients can maintain their auto or home coverage with whatever insurance company they choose, provided they maintain the mandatory minimum underlying coverage limits.

$1-, $2-, $3-, and $5-million liability limits available

Optional auto underlying limits of $100/300/50,000 available for risks without youthful operators

  • Broad underwriting guidelines allows easy qualifying for the program
  • Application is self-underwriting, so you know as soon as completed whether or not qualified for coverage
  • Competitive premiums are offered for all coverage limits to keep RLI personal umbrella coverage affordable
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